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Against Doctor's Orders - Radclyffe

KJ: And…welcome back. We’re joined by Doctor Harper Rivers from Argyle Community Hospital.

(audience applause) Doctor Rivers, what can you tell us about Argyle Hospital?

Dr: Thanks, KJ. Well, the Rivers family has operated the hospital for six generations and when my father retired just recently, I was due to take over as head.

KJ: You say ‘was’, Doctor Rivers—

Dr: Harper, please.

KJ: (blushes)…Harper. You say ‘was due’.

Dr: Yes, unfortunately the hospital is suffering from some financial restrictions at the moment, and the board felt it necessary to accept a buy-out from a large health-care conglomerate, SunView Health Systems.

(audience boos)

KJ: That’s too bad. How’s that going?

Dr: Not that well, really. They’ve sent in a corporate financier named Presley Worth to oversee the closure. She and I aren’t really seeing eye-to-eye about the future of the hospital. She can’t really convince me no matter how much she marches around in her high heels, her fitted shirts with the top two buttons undone and those fancy business suits.

KJ: …..Okay. A bit of tension. They say some kinds of tension are good, you know?


KJ: Right, well, we hope—don’t we everyone—that you’ll be able to convince Ms. Presley Worth that Argyle Hospital is exactly what your community needs and should remain as it is.

(audience applause)


KJ: Our guest today is corporate financier, Ms. Presley Worth.

(audience applause)

PW: Thank you for having me, KJ

KJ: I understand you’ve taken over operations at Argyle Community Hospital.

PW: Yes, it’s in a dire financial situation, simply because the Rivers family insist on running it as a dinky old-style community health-care facility.

KJ: Ah. Although, I imagine that line of commentary isn’t going over well with some staff.

PW: Well, no, it’s not. There’s a Doctor Harper Rivers who insists on digging in her heels about the process, and it doesn’t matter how charming and ridiculously good-looking she is, I’m not going to be swayed from my focus and the company’s brief.

KJ: So, this hospital and the community is a lot different from Phoenix?

PW: Absolutely. I mean, it has its charms, of course. But I’m not a small town person. At all. Nope.

KJ: Where is this town, exactly?

PW: It’s a good forty-five minutes from Albany.

KJ: (blinks) I have no idea. I’m from Australia. Do you see this situation being resolved any time soon?

PW: Absolutely. Harper Rivers and I will be having some very in-depth, probably late night, discussions about the issues relating to the hospital.

KJ: (muttering) Oh, I bet you will…

PW: Pardon?

KJ: (shoots awkward finger guns) Sounds like a great story and one that everyone should follow closely.

(audience applause)


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