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Best-selling author KJ (K.J. Wrights) lives in Bendigo, Australia with her wife, their son, three cats and a dog. She started writing interesting observations of life, literary articles, poetry, creative non-fiction, and personal essays, and eventually they were all sort of smooshed together in a giant author-y blender and out popped a book. Then another. The blender is currently in use for KJ’s next novel. Her books are best-sellers. They have placed as either finalists or winners in the Goldie Awards, IHeartSapphFic, eLit Awards and LesFic Bard awards. Permanently anxious and fond of her cats, KJ has been told that she's contagiously happy and rather funny. That last one is debatable.




I’ve always been a reader which is a ridiculously obvious statement, because authors are always readers first. But since forever I have loved talking about, analysing, digging into, embracing novels that I’ve enjoyed reading. Sometimes all that thinking poured out of me in the form of round-table discussions at Uni, or even before that at high school in the form of very one-sided conversations with anyone who stood still long enough. But when I became a proper real actual author, I wanted to share my passion for the works I’d read, but I didn’t want to write a whole essay about them. I also didn’t want to write something so small that it couldn’t express all my thoughts. So these responses weren’t going to be essays; they weren’t going to be comments. They would be a thing halfway between the two. Therefore, essay-thingies. 
Sometimes I have opinions that are not book-related. They're simply opinions. Those essays are in the black boxes to the side.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy my books, my blog, my blathering.


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